[Cryptography] Hillary on encryption: 'maybe the back door isn't the right door'

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> FYI --

> Hillary Clinton on encryption: 'maybe the back door isn't the right door'
> By T.C. Sottek on December 19, 2015 10:16 pm @chillmage
> Democrats have strange ideas about the internet, too.  At tonight's ABC
> News presidential debate, candidates offered a number of vague,
> borderline-illiterate thoughts about technology, especially Hillary
> Clinton.  It all started when ABC gave her an inane prompt, characterizing
> encryption as a "terrorist tool used in the Paris attacks."  In response,
> Clinton suggested that, instead of breaking encryption, the US should
> launch a "Manhattan-like project"

Yes uninformed to the point of worry.  I do hope that
who ever pops out the other end of the next US election cycle
has the ability to gather informed talent into a circle of advisors.

The Manhattan project is not a good model.

Perhaps Bletchley Park.... and the multinational attacks on Enigma and

The most famous code used by Navajo Code talkers is still perhaps the most
interesting model today and presents a vastly more interesting challenge to
the TLAs.
While the numbers of native speakers of middle east languages is larger
than Navajo
modest obfuscation can render simple data gathering not so simple.   Just
some kid on the corner or listen to teen agers at the mall.

The modest obfuscations used by the code talkers were apparently an
important and overlooked key to their success.

Some should be reminded that hindsight is better than 20/20
And looking back at WW2 events on both the Japanese and German
fronts there is still a lot of unknown facts that television documentaries
gloss over with airtight parallel reconstruction by story tellers.

The certainty of historic parallel reconstruction in popular history texts
is a worry.

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