[Cryptography] Satoshi's PGP key.

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sat Dec 19 00:31:04 EST 2015

>So my question is, “is it possible for some malware to steal an entire BIT COIN wallet and
>copy a passphrase and then the perpetrator can spend someone else’s bitcoins”.

If the wallet's stored in software on the computer, sure.  It's happened:


>The contents of this email are confidential between the sender and the intended recipient.
>If you are not the intended recipient then no rights are granted to you because of this
>error and as such you are requested to promptly inform the sender of the error and to
>promptly destroy all copies of the email in your power, possession or control. The sender
>reserves all rights concerning this email and its contents including any privilege,
>copyright and confidentiality associated with this email. Even though an email signature
>block has been appended to this email, and notwithstanding the Electronic Transactions Act
>(Qld) or the Electronic Transactions Act (Cth), the signature block does not exhibit the
>senders intention to be bound by an offer previously sent by the intended recipient, unless
>the email in its body specifically indicated that the sender hereby accepts such an offer
>previously sent by the intended recipient.

Surely our moderator erred in forwarding this highly secret message to the hundreds
of people on this list.


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