[Cryptography] Satoshi's PGP key.

Danny Mitchell fishcustard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 15:01:04 EST 2015

On 09/12/2015, Per Kangru <kangru at gmail.com> wrote:
> I guess that we now know the usage of this public key:
> http://www.wired.com/2015/12/bitcoins-creator-satoshi-nakamoto-is-probably-this-unknown-australian-genius/
> ...
> Making Contact
> On December 1st, WIRED sent an encrypted email to Wright suggesting that we
> knew his secret and asking for a meeting. A few hours later, we received a
> wary response from the address Tessier-Ashpool at AnonymousSpeech.com,
> Let's hope we start to see some good valid posts again soon from our friend
> from before.

This is getting off-topic, but Wright's Sydney home was raided by
Australian Federal Police, acting for the Australian Tax Office. Their
reports say it has nothing to do with bitcoin, though.

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