[Cryptography] Anyone else seen some odd shipping delays?

Jonathan Thornburg jthorn at astro.indiana.edu
Tue Dec 8 00:59:33 EST 2015

On Mon, Dec 07, 2015 at 10:31:43PM -0500, dan at geer.org wrote:
> Never, ever, order a computer delivered to your identity.

So... how does one go about buying something that local retailers
don't carry?  Almost any online purchase wants a credit card
(= tied to your identity) and a shipping address (ditto).

The alternatives which occur to me are
* travel to $big_city and visit a well-stocked retailer
  (still falls down for unusual stuff)
* ask a friend to place the order for you
* ask a local store to special-order for you

Are there better alternatives?


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