[Cryptography] Cryptography is not a science currently

Ralf Senderek crypto at senderek.ie
Sun Dec 6 05:42:06 EST 2015

On Sun, 6 Dec 2015 Ryan Carboni writes:

>     Truly Rogaway is the Chomsky of Cryptography. Chomsky will deny the Cambodian
>     holocaust and claim that oppression in the US "isn't that bad".

I cannot believe that someone who has read even parts of the 46 page PDF would be
able to write such nonsense.

This is the advice Phillip Rogaway gave in order to improve the current situation:

     * Attend to problems' social value. Do anti-surveillance research.
     * Be introspective about why you are working on the problems you are.
     * Apply practice-oriented provable security to anti-surveillance problems.
     * Think twice, and then again, about accepting military funding.
     * Regard ordinary people as those whose needs you ultimately aim to satisfy.
     * Use the academic freedom that you have.
     * Be open to diverse models. Regard all models as suspect and dialectical.
     * Get a systems-level view. Attend to that which surrounds your field.
     * Learn some privacy tools. Use them. Improve them.
     * Stop with cutesy pictures. Take adversaries seriously.
     * Design and build a broadly useful cryptographic commons.
     * Choose language well. Communication is integral to having an impact.
   " (pp 34-42)

Especially the last advice has obviously not been given the attention it deserves.


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