[Cryptography] The Friedman Papers

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Thu Apr 30 19:59:53 EDT 2015

I don't do Torrent etc, so I FTP'd the lot; 2.3GB, 7621 files, taking 
9h16m @ 71.5KB/s (I have a slow link by modern standards).

I don't want my link flooded in the reverse direction, so upon receipt of 
a USB stick (and a donation would be nice to cover reverse postage) I'll 
send it back with some certain goodies upon it.

Email me for my address; I'm in Australia.

Warning: my spam filters can be vicious, so try to post from an obvious 
Gmail address if that's your ISP; I'll notice it and white-list you within 
24 hours.

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