[Cryptography] how to put a password in an evidence bag?

WebDawg webdawg at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 17:37:07 EDT 2015

> On Apr 4, 2015 1:12 PM, "Ray Dillinger" <bear at sonic.net wrote:
> > What I can't understand is how they got the admin password from
> > Ulbricht's computer, and *THEN* were able to use a text log file
> > (easily faked, authorship non-provable) from that computer as
> > evidence against him.  Nobody even knows that they didn't
> > *write* that log.

I would think they would be required, as any forensic evidence protection
would involve, to protect the integrity of the original system.

I would think its chain of possession too.

Not to say your are right.  But how is any evidence like this valid?
Network logs, etc.

I mean, if someones fingerprint is on a knife, how is anyone to prove the
circumstances.  How do we know video evidence is not faked?

I think protections could be put in place.  Like images of systems
uploaded/shared between the defense and prosecution to show non

I don't know.  Trials are a crap shoot.
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