[Cryptography] A TRNG review per day: Turbid

Bill Stewart billstewart at pobox.com
Wed Oct 29 03:35:16 EDT 2014

At 10:09 AM 10/27/2014, Bill Cox wrote:
>- A sound card used by Turbid cannot be used for input, meaning most 
>users need a second sound card.

There are two times that you need good randomness
- system initialization
- later.
You can use pseudo-random generators later, as long as you've seeded 
them with good initial entropy, and you'll usually have system 
entropy coming in from a range of devices and events.

During your system initialization, it's not a problem if you want to 
borrow the sound card to crunch up some random entropy, and most 
users aren't going to need to use the sound card for audio input 
until everything's up to speed and the user interface has fired 
up.  It's probably fine for that.

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