[Cryptography] Simon, Speck and ISO

Fedor Brunner fedor.brunner at azet.sk
Fri Oct 24 07:53:44 EDT 2014

On 22.10.2014 00:16, dj at deadhat.com wrote:
> Today the NSA proposed that Simon and Speck be added the the ISO JTC1/SC27
> approved ciphers spec.
> A study period was approved.
> But no other non NSA lightweight algorithms have been proposed to ISO,
> other than chaskey from Hitachi.
> If you have opinions on alternatives for lightweight block vipers, macs,
> hashes etc, please let me know so I can try and set the ball rolling with
> ISO.
> Simon and speck look OK. But the source is not a little bit tainted.

According to Joachim Strömbergson:


SPECK and SIMON has been found to be weak against differential



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