[Cryptography] Whisper app tracks ‘anonymous’ users

John Ioannidis ji at tla.org
Fri Oct 17 11:34:04 EDT 2014

On Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 10:54 AM, Lodewijk andré de la porte <l at odewijk.nl>

> 2014-10-17 16:36 GMT+02:00 John Ioannidis <ji at tla.org>:
>> The standard answer to all of these questions is that if you get
>> something for free, you are not the customer, you are the product. Do the
>> people who install whisper really think that the company that runs it does
>> it out of the goodness of their heart?
> I have a good (enough) heart. If it were me running the service it would
> be as good as I managed to make it. I'm slowly learning not to be so
> perfectionistic that I just drop the product, only to find alternatives are
> Maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

Someone has to pay for your datacenter and your network connectivity even
if you are willing to write and maintain the software for free.


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