[Cryptography] [messaging] Gossip doesn't save Certificate Transparency

Bill Frantz frantz at pwpconsult.com
Wed Oct 15 20:18:18 EDT 2014

On 10/15/14 at 3:32 PM, leichter at lrw.com (Jerry Leichter) wrote:

>On Oct 14, 2014, at 8:46 PM, Bill Frantz <frantz at pwpconsult.com> wrote:
>>>> * We can't even ship a complete list of revoked keys in our CRLSets,
>>>> for size reasons — forget about pins for all sites.
>>> Why?  I did the calculation in my original posting.  You can cover the top 100,000 sites in 30MB.
>That's the size of a couple of image files used to make the browser demos look nice.
>>Here I'm sitting, using my phone for Internet with a 2 gig limit before the charges start coming
>in. I avoid 30MB downloads like the plague.
>a)  Deltas will be tiny.  How often does a site need to change its keys?
>b)  You never connect to WiFi?  Just how up-to-the-minute do you need your list of keys to be?

If deltas are tiny, then there is much less of a problem. If a 
site can continue to use its old key while phasing in a new one, 
then if I can select the old key I can wait until I get to an 
area of high bandwidth/cheap bandwidth before updating the keys.

If, on the other hand, it all happens "automagically" in the 
background, I may buy a big bill with out knowing it. I have 
this problem with auto-download of replacement phone software. 
That download takes about an hour on DSL. I don't know what it 
will do to my cell phone bill, which is why I have the system 
set to download only on command.

>>At home, with "unlimited" (i.e. how much bandwidth does DSL have anyway), I would feel differently.
>I also have friends with only dialup, and they will indeed feel very differently from me.
>What modern web sites are they looking at over dialup?

I have no idea, but I could see them doing banking.

>At some point, one has to move on and stop supporting IE6 :-).  
>Should we also worry about people still using 2400 baud modems?

Well, I think there will always be people with poor 
connectivity. I think we should make it possibile for them to 
enjoy as much of the online world as possible. We probably can't 
show them movies, but email and text messaging are low 
bandwidth. Some level of web browsing is also possible, limited 
by their patients.

How do you think we should treat them?

Cheers - Bill

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