[Cryptography] The world's most secure TRNG

John Denker jsd at av8n.com
Wed Oct 8 21:14:41 EDT 2014

On 09/28/2014 04:27 AM, Bill Cox wrote:
> I have a quick question for you guys.  For a USB stick TRNG, would you
> rather pay ~$15 for a 100K-byte/second source of true entropy, or ~$30 for
> a 1M-byte/second source?

How about $1.08 for the whole thing, for a finished
product (not just the of materials), including labor
and including shipping?


Or pay $0.00 if your machine comes with a built-in
audio subsystem.

It's an audio device, so it comes with a documented 
standard interface.  Also the fact that it has an 
output comes in handy for calibration and for 
life-long quality-assurance checks.

It's as secure as anything you could build yourself.

The entropy delivery rate is high enough for all 
ordinary purposes.

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