[Cryptography] Best internet crypto clock

Lodewijk andré de la porte l at odewijk.nl
Sat Oct 4 22:50:20 EDT 2014

2014-10-04 4:34 GMT+02:00 Henry Baker <hbaker1 at pipeline.com>:

> No.  But I would like to see some simple, robust Internet crypto services,
> starting with a simple crypto clock with reasonable resolution that can't
> be hacked by anyone, not even the NSA.

A satellite running L4 verified with a single verified userspace
application that listens to radio's and publishes hash-digests coming in
from them in some sort of blockchain. And a DHT like setup that allows
retrieval of those digests, and the sort-of-blockchain. Of course, those
blocks are also transmitted back. Make people listen for the blocks and
publish them. Allow requests for republishing blocks, so that holes may be
filled by the satellite.

Couple it to Bitcoin to allow for payment, use a Mastercoin-like setup to
transmit the full-hash.

Actually, if you put a hash in the Blockchain that's pretty great too.

The alternative is not having payment for it, or having a trusted party
gatekeep for the satellite. The satellite should cryptographically sign all
outgoing communication. The gatekeeping party should not have the key. It'd
be pretty hard to prove that, but it's possible.

Other than satellite I don't think anything is safe from the NSA & friends,
yet observable by everyone (with a radio). Perhaps an advanced Tor Hidden
service? But how would a trustable party be able to audit a secret service?
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