[Cryptography] New free TLS CA coming

Bill Frantz frantz at pwpconsult.com
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On 11/20/14 at 2:58 AM, iang at iang.org (ianG) wrote:

>>Is there any ruleset that requires such hw for CAs to be certified in a
>>way that excludes open source? That'd be very strange indeed...
>Well, those words aren't in there, but you can guarantee that 
>such a product will be resisted.  The industry is set up to 
>give certain parties a pay-off, and the HSM manufacturers need theirs.

I can't resist the ad I got from Digikey today. Go and roll your own:


Atmel® offers their ATSHA204A full turnkey security device

The Atmel® ATSHA204A is a full turnkey security device. It 
includes a 4.5 Kb EEPROM divided into 16 slots. This array can 
be used for storage of keys, miscellaneous read/write, 
read-only, password or secret data, and consumption tracking. 
Access to the various sections of memory can be restricted in a 
variety of ways and then the configuration locked to prevent changes.

Access to the chip is through a standard I²C interface at 
speeds up to 1 Mb/sec. The chip also supports a single-wire 
interface that can reduce the number of GPIOs required on the 
system processor and/or reduce the number of pins on connectors. 
It is compatible with most UART or serial I/O controllers. 
System integration is eased with a wide supply voltage range and 
an ultra-low sleep current of less than 100 nA.

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