[Cryptography] ADMIN Re: Amateur Radio Authentication

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at cs.auckland.ac.nz
Sun Mar 30 19:51:38 EDT 2014

Tamzen Cannoy <tamzen at cannoy.org> writes:

>I'm ending the thread on amateur radio with the exception of using it as an
>example. Let's not rathole into the tech of radio, unless it directly relates
>to crypto.

Can I vote to have it reopened?  It's a fascinating perspective on a form of
communication that crypto folks more or less ignore (or, more likely, don't
know exists), so having some discussion of it will help balance the usual
"assume infinite bandwidth with possibly a bit of latency" assumptions applied
to anything involving encryption.  Case in point, from a current debate on the
TLS list:

  Documenting use cases is an unnecessary distraction from doing actual work.
  You'll note that our charter does not say "enumerate applications that want
  to use TLS".

(Yes, someone actually said that).


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