[Cryptography] The ultimate physical limits of privacy

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> http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v507/n7493/full/nature13132.html?WT.ec_id=NATURE-20140327
> The ultimate physical limits of privacy
> Can you keep secrets safe from eavesdroppers? Yes you can, say Artur
> Ekert and Renato Renner. In a Perspective article they argue that
> recent developments in quantum cryptography, coupled with the fact
> that we still possess free will, suggest that truly private
> communication will always be possible, even in a world with access
> to as yet undiscovered code-breaking technologies. The answer lies
> in new insights into the nature of randomness and non-local
> correlations. Thus equipped it should be possible to outsmart even
> the most powerful surveillance procedures.

Can you please elaborate on the paper's contents? At least the abstract?

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