[Cryptography] Dark Mail Alliance specs?

Bill Stewart billstewart at pobox.com
Fri Mar 28 14:37:01 EDT 2014

At 04:59 PM 3/26/2014, Bear wrote:
>It's true, I trust cloud server companies less than I trust car rental
>companies.  But there's a good reason for that.  Cloud server companies
>are effectively immune to contract law with respect to user-oriented
>security of the machines.
>There is no risk, from my point of view, that the car is not doing what
>I want it to.  As a human being actually driving it, I can see where I
>am and I can tell that the car is responding to the controls, etc.

As a human being driving a car, you can tell if it's responding to 
the controls;
it's much harder to tell if your car is lojacked and reporting your location
and all the audio in the car to the three different agencies that GPS-bugged it
(not that your phone wasn't already doing that.)
And if you don't know the city you're driving around in,
you don't always know that the car GPS isn't lying to you about your route.

But I once had a rental car have the brakes fail on the Golden Gate Bridge;
it was fortunately 5pm rush hour, so I wasn't moving fast enough to need them,
but navigating downhill to the first gas station I could find in the 
city was fun.
And car rental company computer systems don't have a checkbox that says
"customer is paying you less money to make up for the can of brake 
fluid he had to install himself",
but after I made it clear to them that that was absolutely going to 
be happening,
they found a way to cope.

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