[Cryptography] Dark Mail Alliance specs?

Ralf Senderek crypto at senderek.ie
Wed Mar 26 18:19:11 EDT 2014

On Wed, 26 Mar 2014, Bear wrote:

> If the machines in a cloud are secure, that means that they
> do exactly what their owners want and intend them to.
> The problem arises because the users are not the owners.


> Without some very strong reason to trust that the owners'
> security interests are in fact the users' security interests
> there is no reason to even consider security on such machines
> to be an advantage for the user.

I fully agree, but that only means that every attempt to strengthen 
the part(s) of the cloud where both interest match has to be made.
And I don't see why it should not be possible for users to take
control over their own part of the cloud.


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