[Cryptography] Dark Mail Alliance specs?

Bear bear at sonic.net
Wed Mar 26 15:45:29 EDT 2014

I don't want to divert you from what may be an entirely useful course,
but I'm firmly of the opinion that interoperability with present email 
infrastructure, or even the attempt at it, is fatal to privacy.  In
fact even the promise of such interoperability is a strong reason to
NOT trust a new encrypted email application. 

By the time you have something that allows email to "sync" seamlessly 
across several devices, allows file attachments, allows clickable 
URLS to invoke browsers that can execute scripts, can show attached 
file contents to a browser so people can use a (script-executing!)
browser to view it, links to external libraries to resolve MIME 
types, and uses plugins created for unencrypted systems, you have
introduced at least a dozen gaping holes that some black-hat can and 
will drive a tank through.

It does no good to encrypt messages in flight (or even on disk!) if the
application that can read those messages sprays access to them around
indiscriminately to whatever happens to be installed on the user's


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