[Cryptography] Dark Mail Alliance specs?

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> Does anyone have any more info on DarkMail?
> On 23/11/13 20:11, Stephan Neuhaus wrote:
> > In my opinion, massive user-controlled email encryption will not happen.
> > Not now, and not in the next ten years.
> Depends. Some thoughts on what might work in ten years or less:
> Improved Email:
> Objectives:
> 1) to eventually get a majority of all email sent end-to-end encrypted 
> to a minimum security standard, such that active measures are needed to 
> intercept and read it.

Postfix and Exim4 support TLS 1.3 for server-to-server mail delivery through SMTP port 25.

You can just generated the key and activate that feature. If available, both daemons will communicate through it and nobody will easily snoop it.

Even better, they support 16k bit RSA keys, which will resist common computer decryption techniques (except shor) for decades to come.

Test it and you will see how good it is. We just have to enable it in our servers and the first step towards completely encrypted e-mail transport is done.

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