[Cryptography] The role of the IETF in security of the Internet: for or against the NSA? for or against the security of users of the net?

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On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 9:42 AM, ianG <iang at iang.org> wrote:
> On 24/03/2014 23:53 pm, Sandy Harris wrote:
> >...
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> > But yes, some sort of Magna Carta would be a good idea and
> > the IETF would in some ways be a good place to develop one.
> > The trick would be to avoid most of the politics and keep
> > discussion to the technical issues.
> Analogy may serve, but look to Chinese curse:  be careful what you wish for!
> Is the IETF a place for individuals to find their rights?
> Or is it a place for the barons to force their rights over the monarch
> at the point of a sword?  A reading of the history of Magna Carta may
> show a very different view to cozy ideals.
> Who are today's barons?  Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft?  And if they
> fought over a new Great Charter with the monarch, what would they ask for?

While it is a lot more complex than just number of warm bodies at
meetings, the entity that sponsors the most IETF attendees is Cisco
that routinely sponsors between 120 and 140 attendees at every IETF
meeting. No other entity sponsors even half that many attendees.

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