[Cryptography] We need a new encryption algorithm competition.

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Wed Mar 19 11:34:41 EDT 2014

> Message du 19/03/14 11:07
> De : "Ben Laurie" 
> > Ok, something more interesting than having a device that does crypto in and crypto out, would be a device we can program to do our crypto on hardware and it would be even better if such device came embedded in a motherboard.
> > Anybody knows of a such a motherboard that is a generic computer but comes with an FPGA built in? Not fancy, expensive kits for experimentation, just a motherboard with an FPGA to that interacts with the CPU to have fun. Anybody?
> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1575992013/logi-fpga-development-board-for-raspberry-pi-beagl

Very nice, since I arrived it late, I'm looking for ways to buy one of these. It is way less complicated than making one of those FPGA laptops by ourselves from scratch.

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