[Cryptography] recommending ChaCha20 instead of RC4 (RC4 again)

Patrick Chkoreff patrick at rayservers.net
Sat Mar 15 15:58:23 EDT 2014

Ralf Senderek wrote, On 03/15/2014 03:46 PM:

>> If people stop believing in institutions such as standards bodies,
>> certification bodies, and governments, the question is, what or whom
>> will they trust?  And what could actually deliver that trust?

You can trust a specific entity until it no longer deserves that trust.
 Honest errors or incompetence can be remedied to a point, but
deliberate malice is grounds for full and immediate dismissal, with the
malefactors ear-tagged for life.

Many smaller pockets of trust may evolve in that milieu, each involving
perhaps fewer than ten notable people, and always subjected to scrutiny
and competition.

-- Patrick

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