[Cryptography] See??? Satoshi Nakamoto Smeared

Bear bear at sonic.net
Sat Mar 8 19:17:22 EST 2014

On Fri, 2014-03-07 at 10:23 -0500, John Kelsey wrote:
> So the reporter found someone who might be the inventor of bitcoin, or might be a little crazy and just saying so, or might be sick of weirdos "tracking him down" because of his name and just be saying what he thinks will get the reporter to go away.  From what is in the article, how would we distinguish these possibilities?
> --John

And let's not forget the possibility, that when he said 
"I no longer have anything to do with that and I can't 
talk about it," he might have been talking about his prior
work for the US gummint, and the reporter simply quoted 
him with an implication that he was talking about Bitcoin. 

"Can't talk about it" is some pretty specific language, I 
think.  It sounds to me like an NDA, not a project now being
carried on by others. 

I'd never have believed how much reporters misquote folks
or misapply the quotes they reproduce correctly, until I 
actually got some first-hand experience with it. 

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