[Cryptography] BitCoin bug reported

ianG iang at iang.org
Sat Feb 15 17:24:11 EST 2014

On 15/02/2014 05:38 am, Lodewijk andré de la porte wrote:
> 2014-02-14 0:36 GMT+01:00 ianG <iang at iang.org>:
>> The vast 99% of the people there have no clue except "blockchain".  Of
>> the remaining, 99% of them haven't the experience of the alternates to
>> be able to debate or analyse the edge cases.  For the most part, most of
>> the people involved are new to the payment systems biz.
>> It's sad.  I see sooooo many repeated mistakes, I really don't care
>> anymore.
> Is there a book about it? History, it's learnings, written down. I'm
> interested in that.

Hmmm good question.  Let me muse a bit.

Not in that form.  It is hard to write about the business aspects when
most people just want to talk about the elegance of the crypto.  Problem
is, people have paid 95% of attention to the tech whereas 5% would be a
better fit.  It'd be a pretty boring book, if it ever gets written.

I wrote this: http://iang.org/papers/fc7.html to lift people's attention
away from the crypto and give a framework.  As well as that, it is
useful to read Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon because it displays a
broad-based business view, interleaved with dollaps of tech to keep it

Also the Paypal book, although I've not read it.  A history of e-gold
would be the most valuable thing for Bitcoiners because they are on the
same journey.  And in a non-payments sense you can't go past the
Facebook movie for a view on the startup world, it is compulsory viewing
in my team.  There are also manifestos and writings from the cypherpunk
tradition, they are out of date in security terms but they are probably
good in threat terms.

Some of the oldtimers were talking about writing a history of FC up
until Bitcoin, because there are so many influences that seemed to get
less recognition.  But the choice is tough:  write a book or write more


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