[Cryptography] NTP Security (Was: Re: Random numbers only once)

Dominik Schürmann dominik at dominikschuermann.de
Wed Feb 5 07:49:42 EST 2014

On Tue, 2014-02-04 at 19:09 -0800, Watson Ladd wrote:
> DNSSEC for pool.ntp.org?
> Do we need to make an authenticated NTP, or would a signed clock
> protocol work fine for this?
> I've thought on and off about this problem, but it is tough given the
> latency requirements for NTP,
> and the fact that server state in a UDP protocol can have interesting effects.

I'd like to point you to a recent internet draft, partly written by a
colleague of mine:
It is the result of several security problems with the old "NTP autokey"
protocol (which hopefully nobody really uses...)

If you have comments or questions, don't hesitate to post on this
mailinglist, I can point him to this conversation.

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