[Cryptography] Now it's personal -- Belgian cryptographer MITM'd by GCHQ/NSA

Paul Ferguson fergdawgster at mykolab.com
Mon Feb 3 12:49:50 EST 2014

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On 2/2/2014 6:38 PM, James A. Donald wrote:

>> On Feb 2, 2014, at 5:38 AM, ianG wrote:
>>> We can play the game of "you don't know that for a fact" 
>>> forever, but at the end of the day, they will never enter
>>> court and let the court declare it a fact, so that easy excuse
>>> is their game, their rules, their victory.
> On 2014-02-03 09:56, Jerry Leichter wrote:
>> And the alternative is ... what?  The witch hunt?  The mob?
>> Kill all, God will know his own?
> Short of the fall of the US government, we are not in position to 
> hang them
> The alternative, is simply to distrust them and everything they 
> have touched, to assume that any *software* that they have a
> finger in is guilty until proven innocent, that every committee
> that they have a member on is trying impose broken standards, and
> or prevent workable standards.

If you are not doing that now, you probably do not have a reasonable
security posture. :-)

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