[Cryptography] Any opinions on keybase.io?

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I just found out about it, and judging by the use of a gray font and cutesy pictures on their website, I'm already prejudiced against it.
     It works just fine.  Tim Bray has published some posts about how he made use of it.  
Each keybase user demonstrates that they possess the private PGP key that encrypts a claim that they provide.  One can then demonstrate other claims by posting signed items in places where that demonstrates the signer has authority of that place, whether a twitter account, a GitHub account, web sites, and other cases.  You can also have web-of-trust certifications of the public key you give keybase.io to use and provide on your keybase.io page.  I did that, and I also had the User IDs in that key confirmed with the PGP Global Directory service.
Personally, I favor the playfulness they demonstrate.
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