[Cryptography] "completely unexpected" drop in Cisco's foreign revenues

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>> > Cisco’s disastrous quarter shows how NSA spying could freeze US
>> companies out of a trillion-dollar opportunity

>> Cisco has many other challenges.
>  ....

> My feelings exactly. It makes for a good story to tell to the policymakers
> though (not that they care, they have other sources of bribes anyway).
Not a pronoun but ambiguous nonetheless.

Routing and firewalls is a solved problem except for
the rarified engines that power major backbones.
Network design that builds on cross sectional bandwidth
in contrast to fragile backbones is all but coming to an
end.   Implementation is another topic:

I did some simple network checks on my cell phone TCP/IP
data flow and was astounded that my IP address surfaced three
time zones away and all my data made a double transcontinental
traverse.   That is fragile at many levels and a national risk
in and of itself.    I suspect it was seen as the ideal plan
when the economy of scale for the UPS and FedX central hubs
was discussed in the business professional papers..

Defensive tools including packet inspection is a big challenge.
That is going to be less and less welcome in routers and
may find value in compute heavy bridge resources.

Some of the markets mentioned would tend to install
compute heavy bridge engines on national borders and
better connected mesh resources inside the borders.

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