[Cryptography] Bletchley P. mentioned in an odd place

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Mon Dec 1 22:29:02 EST 2014

OK, I'm on the far side of 60, so I read "oldies" stuff, but this one 
caught my eye.  Published in "The Senior", a free local paper in NSW/ACT 
Australia, there is a short story on Bletchley Park; I can't find an URL 

As many as 4,000 messages decoded per day (key changed at midnight), up to 
9,000 people working there etc, at a reunion a husband and wife discovered 
that they'd both worked for "Station X" as it was known, all the good 

Enigma is mentioned (and its unfortunate property of never encoding a 
letter into itself, along with the plugboard etc), the Lorenz gets a 
mention, all the good stuff.

A classic quote: ``So quick were they at decoding the messages between 
Adolf Hitler and his generals, it is said that by 1945, it would have been 
easier for Himmler or Guering[sic] to ring Bletchley Park to obtain the 
Fuhrer's orders than wait for them to be deciphered at their own 

Brilliant stiff for the senior set (it was in the Travel section, after 

I'll do my damnedest to locate an URL, otherwise I'll scan it and put it 
on my page.

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