Computer "health certificate" plan: Charney of DoJ/MS

Marshall Clow marshall at
Thu Oct 7 21:52:48 EDT 2010

At 3:16 AM -0700 10/7/10, John Gilmore wrote:
>BBC reports that Microsoft's idea seems to be that if your computer
>doesn't present a valid "health certificate" to your ISP, then your
>ISP wouldn't let it be on the net, or would throttle it down to a tiny
>bandwidth.  The Health Certificate would, of course, be provided by
>Intel and Microsoft, but only from machines with Treacherous Computing
>hardware, after examining everything in your computer to make sure
>Intel and Microsoft approve of it all.

I think that this will crash and burn because by the time that 
they're ready to implement this, PCs will be a minority of devices 
connected via IP.

My cable box talks TCP/IP. So does my Tivo. And my SqueezeBox. And my 
SlingBox.  And my router. And most modern televisions.

Many people would be "annoyed", to say the least, if they couldn't 
watch movies on their NetFlix-enabled TV - which they bought before 
this cockamamie idea was proposed.
-- Marshall

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