"Against Rekeying"

Peter Gutmann (alt) pgut001.reflector at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 19:31:45 EDT 2010

Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at Sun.COM> writes:

>I made much the same point, but just so we're clear, SSHv2 re-keying has been
>interoperating widely since 2005.  (I was at Connectathon, and while the
>details of Cthon testing are proprietary, I can generalize and tell you that
>interop in this area was very good.)

Whose SSH rekeying though?  I follow the support forums for a range of non-
mainstream (i.e. not the usual suspects of OpenSSH, ssh.com, or Putty) SSH
implementations and "why does my connection die after an hour with [decryption
error/invalid packet/unrecognised message type/whatever]" (all signs of
rekeying issues) is still pretty much an FAQ across them at the current time.

(There's also the mass of ancient copies of the usual suspects, principally
the ssh.com implementation dating back up to ten years, baked into networking
devices and whatnot that will never be updated, or at least if significant
security holes present in the older versions haven't convinced the vendors
using them to update them then I don't think the fact that they drop the
connection after an hour will).


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