Algorithm Disclosure of and Practical Attack against DECT Standard Cipher

Dustin D. Trammell dtrammell at
Tue Apr 13 10:29:51 EDT 2010

"The DECT Standard Cipher (DSC) is a proprietary 64-bit stream cipher
based on irregularly clocked LFSRs and a non-linear output combiner. The
cipher is meant to provide confidentiality for cordless telephony. This
paper illustrates how the DSC was reverse-engineered from a hardware
implementation using custom firmware and information on the structure of
the cipher gathered from a patent. Beyond disclosing the DSC, the paper
proposes a practical attack against DSC that recovers the secret key
from 215 keystreams on a standard PC with a success rate of 50% within
hours; somewhat faster when a CUDA graphics adapter is available."

This is from FSE 2010 in February, but I hadn't seen it mentioned here

Dustin D. Trammell
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