Collection of code making and breaking machines

John Levine johnl at
Mon Oct 19 21:51:14 EDT 2009

>A bit too far for a quick visit (at least for me):

Bletchley Park is always worth a visit, with or without a special
exhibit, as is the adjacent National Museum of Computing which houses
Colossus and a lot more interesting stuff.

An important difference between this museum and computer museums in
the US is that lots of the stuff works.  The rebuilt bombe actually
works.  The rebuilt Collussus actually works.  An impressive number of
the old computers in the NMC work, including a room of old personal
computers that are set up so you can use them.

Not at all coincidentally, Bletchley is an easy day trip from
Cambridge, Oxford, and London.  (That's why they put Bletchley Park at
Bletchley Park.)


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