Phone company phishes its own users

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Fri Nov 20 02:12:13 EST 2009

There have been numerous posts to this list about banks phishing their own
users so I figured I'd start a new thread about other companies who are
potential phishing-targets doing this as well, in this case a phone company.
>From the fraud-alert support forum of Vodafone:


  Not sure if this is genuine or not - just had a call from a blocked number
  caller saying they were from Vodafone doing a 'courtesy' call checking I'm
  happy on my plan and updating contact details. First thing they ask for is
  my Date of Birth and Vodafone pin number.  Is this genuine?

  Vodafone staff:

  I would not be giving out my date of Birth


  So thats a no to it being official then?

  Vofafone staff:

  Call was all good nothing to worry about

So next time you get a call from a caller-ID-blocked number asking for your
PIN, it's OK, it's only your phone company.


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