Crypto dongles to secure online transactions

Alexander Klimov alserkli at
Thu Nov 19 05:12:17 EST 2009

On Wed, 18 Nov 2009, Bill Frantz wrote:
> Perhaps I'm missing something, but my multiple banks will all accept
> my signature when made with the same pen. Why wouldn't they not
> accept my signature when made with the same, well protected,
> signing/user verifying device. I might have to take it to the bank
> to give them its public key in person, but that seems a minor
> inconvenience.

The reasons can sound crazy from the technical person's point of view,
like they may want to have a card with their name on it in your
wallet. There are rumors that this is what ruined the idea that a
single smartcard (e.g., JavaCard) can replace all cards in your


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