Crypto dongles to secure online transactions

Thorsten Holz thorsten.holz at
Sun Nov 8 19:45:58 EST 2009

On 08.11.2009, at 01:07, John Levine wrote:

> I've made it an entry in my blog at

Actually this type of problem is pretty common in Europe, most banks  
have to deal with malware that threatens their customers. One of the  
most advanced keyloggers out there is currently URLZone, which can  
also perform MitM attacks and transparently re-routes money transfers,  
defeating iTan (index transaction number) systems (see 

There are several approaches to stop (or at least make it more  
difficult) this attack vector. A prototype of a system that implements  
the techniques described in your blog posting was presented by IBM  
Zurich about a year ago, see 
  for details. Other manufacturers implemented similar approaches,  
where some kind of trusted device is attached to the machine and also  
the banking card of the customer is used to verify transactions.


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