Security of Mac Keychain, Filevault

James A. Donald jamesd at
Sun Nov 8 05:28:56 EST 2009

Jerry Leichter wrote:
 > NFC?

Near Field Communications - the wireless equivalent of
whispering in someone's ear.  Ideally, a NFC chip should
only be able to talk to something that is an inch or so
away, and it should be impossible to eavesdrop from more
than a foot or so away.

Lots of people plan that smart phones shall do financial
transactions through NFC.

: :	Malaysians can now use their Nokia (NYSE:
: :	NOK) 6212 to make near-field Visa payments  
: :	just wave your phone in front of a sensor and
: :	bam, instant buy in over 1,800 shops.

These transactions are reversible and made through
authorized retailers, hence, like the widely shared
secret on a credit card, really need very little
security.  Anyone to anyone irreversible transactions
would need considerably higher security, but there
appear to be considerable legal and regulatory obstacles
to that.

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