Crypto dongles to secure online transactions

John Levine johnl at
Sun Nov 8 02:07:44 EST 2009

At a meeting a few weeks ago I was talking to a guy from BITS, the
e-commerce part of the Financial Services Roundtable, about the way
that malware infected PCs break all banks' fancy multi-password logins
since no matter how complex the login process, a botted PC can wait
until you login, then send fake transactions during your legitimate
session.  This is apparently a big problem in Europe.

I told him about an approach to use a security dongle that puts the
display and confirmation outside the range of the malware, and
although I thought it was fairly obvious, he'd apparently never heard
it before.  When I said I'd been thinking about it for a while, he
asked if I could write it up so we could discuss it further.

So before I send it off, if people have a moment could you look at it
and tell me if I'm missing something egregiously obvious?  Tnx.

I've made it an entry in my blog at 

Ignore the 2008 date, a temporary fake to keep it from showing up on
the home page and RSS feed.


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