e-gold and e-go1d

Ivan Krstić krstic at solarsail.hcs.harvard.edu
Sat Nov 29 15:51:18 EST 2008

On Nov 29, 2008, at 9:18 AM, James A. Donald wrote:
> The algorithm is to map all lookalike glyphs to
> canonical glyphs

The definition of lookalike glyphs depends on the choice of font and  
variant, and Unicode wraps the whole problem in a lovely layer of  
hell. If I had to do this, I'd investigate rendering both strings in  
the (same) target font and then quantifying the amount of overlap in  
the bitmaps, as e.g. SWORD does for TLDs:


The above is proprietary; NIST's Paul Black has Python code available  
for a slightly enhanced Levenshtein distance:


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