multicore hash functions (was: 5x speedup for AES using SSE5?)

zooko zooko at
Mon Aug 25 08:36:02 EDT 2008

Hello Peter Gutmann.

I'm working on a contribution to the SHA-3 process, and I've been  
using exactly the sort of abstraction that you describe -- counting  
one computation of a hash compression function as a unit of work  
which could be computed concurrently by some sort of parallel computer.

I vaguely think that once I get this level of analysis done, I should  
add some terms to show how the velocity of data into the computer and  
from core to core is not infinite.

I certainly think that I should code up some actual implementations  
and benchmark them.  However, I don't have a machine available with  
lots of cores -- I'm considering requesting of that they lend  
me a T2.  (Despite my earlier declaration to Sun that I had lost  
interest in their stupid architecture since they wouldn't release the  
source to the crypto module.)

Anyway, if you have a better way to think about parallelism of hash  
functions, I'm all ears.


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