Kiwi expert cracks chip passport

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Sun Aug 17 23:58:25 EDT 2008

"David G. Koontz" <david_koontz at> writes:

>Peter Gutmann has gotten himself in the news along with Adam Laurie and
>Jeroen van Beek for altering the passport microchip in a passport.

The original story was actually the coverage in the UK Times last week,  It was a
three-person effort, Adam Laurie did the RFID part (via RFIDIOt), Jeroen van
Beek did the passport software implementation and tying the whole thing
together, all I did was the signing.  We never touched the passport chip, what
we showed was that it's possible to create your own fictitious e-passport
that's accepted as valid by the reference Golden Reader Tool.  In other words
we showed that what security researchers had been warning about ever since e-
passports were first proposed was actually possible, following the l0pht's
motto "Making the theoretical practical".  Jeroen presented the work at Black


Ugh, no, make it go away.

(Alert readers may notice the anomaly with the carefully-placed monitor right
behind my head, which is displaying something slightly different from the
surrounding sea of Vista desktops :-).  It's actually a file photo from a news
story from the start of last year about Vista).


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