another proprietary symmetric cipher ?

dan at dan at
Sat Aug 9 13:11:20 EDT 2008

yet another proprietary symmetric cipher ?


Encryption Security Solutions provides unprecedented encryption
security, efficiency, and performance for business applications ensuring
critical information is secure.

Encryption Security Solutions, LLC (ES²) has developed an
innovative, proprietary symmetrical encryption algorithm (JUMBLE) for
commercial applications. This algorithm provides an end-to-end or site
solution, for use by individuals or across an enterprise environment.

Using the newly developed and proprietary JUMBLE encryption engine
allows ES² to provide multiple encryption solutions for all
digital data formats, including real-time streaming high definition
digital video. The JUMBLE engine can be integrated directly in the
client, at the web server, application server, or database layer. This
unique software solution goes beyond current platforms that contain such
things as centralized cryptographic processing, key management, policy
management, and security administration because it does not rely on
human procedure-based security practices. JUMBLE provides unprecedented
advantages in security, scalability and manageability.


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