More man-in-the-middle'd SSL sessions on the way

Jerrold Leichter leichter_jerrold at
Fri Aug 8 10:18:17 EDT 2008

 From an article about WAN optimization appliances in Computerworld:

	In some markets, such as health and finance, [hiring] a managed
	provider [who will do the encryption "outside" your routers] isn't 	a  
good option for another reason: Because data is optimized in an 	 
unencrypted state, privacy and security concerns arise. But vendors 	 
such as Riverbed, Juniper Networks and Blue Coat Systems can serve 	as  
a trusted "man in the middle" for optimizing data encrypted with 	SSL,  
which is commonly used in applications with Web interfaces and 	other  
Internet traffic. They terminate the encrypted session,
	decrypt, optimize and then re-encrypt and forward the traffic.
	[Gartner's Joe] Skorupa said most vendors are developing this
	useful capability.

It may indeed be a useful capability - but widespread use will destroy  
what little is left of the SSL trust model.

                                                         -- Jerry

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