OK, shall we savage another security solution?

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Mon Sep 24 15:52:48 EDT 2007

* Dave Korn:

>   The first review I read didn't make it clear, but browsing the
> manufacturer's website and glossy pdfs suggests that there is indeed only a
> single USB connector - but there's an ethernet connector too.  You use it as
> an inline device and leave your normal ethernet NIC unplugged.  

The models in the shape of a USB stick haven't got a USB connector, at
least according to the spec sheet.

> This is what they refer to as "wired" operating mode, and given
> Steven's proviso about controlling the firmware (and let's hope
> there's no holes or overflows in the web admin interface either...)
> I think that this mode could just about be made secure.

Some malware queues captured data and transmits it when a network
connection is available again.

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