open source digital cash packages

Ian G iang at
Sun Sep 23 07:32:51 EDT 2007

Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
> Are there any open source digital cash packages available?  I need one
> as part of another research project.

I can think of a few ways to answer this question.

1.  blinded money demo programs:  there is magic money, in C 
and in Java.  Also I think Ben Laurie wrote another one 
demo'd at EFCE.  These demos are generally around 1-4kloc.

2.  hard money systems:  These allow you to actually issue 
money and survive aggressive communities.  epointsystem is 
GPL I think, Ricardo is something or other but I haven't the 
energy to support the server side as an open source project. 
  Ricardo is 100-150kloc, epointsystem is much smaller (and 
lighter in features and scope).

3.  soft community money systems:  cyclos and similar (one 
from south africa, another from NZ from memory).  These 
products are designed for small communities where trust is 
implicit, they have no internal governance capabilities and 
only limited external security exposures.  But you can use 
them to issue money.

4.  then there are other variants like barcode money.  A lot 
of interest is being put into mobile phone money atm.


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