Scare tactic?

Sidney Markowitz sidney at
Thu Sep 20 19:37:10 EDT 2007

Sidney Markowitz wrote, On 21/9/07 8:24 AM:
> Ben Laurie wrote, On 21/9/07 1:34 AM:
>> "Entity i cannot be coerced into sharing a key with entity j without i’s
>> knowledge, ie, when i believes the key is shared with some entity l != j."
> The "without i's knowledge" part is critical to the argument, as the
> author is assuming that entity i is monitoring all of entity j's
> channels of communication

Curse this non-standard notation! I of course meant "entity l"
everywhere I said "entity j" to keep with the original author's
nomenclature. Whatever happened to Alice, Bob, and Eve?

 -- Sidney Markowitz

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