Another Snake Oil Candidate

Jon Callas jon at
Tue Sep 11 20:35:58 EDT 2007

I'm a beta-tester for it, and while I can understand a small twitch  
when they talk about "miltary" and "beyond military" levels of  
security, it is very cool.

It has hardware encryption and will erase itself if there are too  
many password failures. I consider that an issue, personally, but it  
appeals to people. The reason I consider it an issue is that I have  
had to use a brain-dead-simple password I'm not going to forget  
because if I get cute and need to try a number of things, poof, I'm  

Yeah, it's using AES CBC mode, but that's a good deal better than a  
lot of encrypted drives that are using ECB.

It also has their own little suite of Mozilla plus Tor and Privoxy  
for browsing and they've set it up so that you can run that on  
another computer from the drive.

It's not bad at all. My only real complaint is that it requires Windows.


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