Seagate announces hardware FDE for laptop and desktop machines

Chris Kuethe chris.kuethe at
Thu Sep 6 18:00:03 EDT 2007

On 9/6/07, Jacob Appelbaum <jacob at> wrote:
> Seagate recently announced a 1TB drive for desktop systems and a 250GB
> laptop drive. What's of interest is that it appears to use a system
> called DriveTrust for Full Disk Encryption. It's apparently AES-128.

Yes, but will it work on my UltraSparc? How about my PPC powermac? Or
maybe my OpenBSD laptop?

What's that - I have to use some opaque mechanism to key my drive? Pass.

And how do I know that the drive didn't just store a copy of my
encryption key in NVRAM somewhere which can be retrieved by reading
some magic sequence of negative sectors? And what about a zillion
other paranoid but reasonable concerns?


GDB has a 'break' feature; why doesn't it have 'fix' too?

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