In all the talk of super computers there is not...

mtd mtd at
Wed Sep 5 05:36:02 EDT 2007

Allen wrote:
> Now take the phrase "Mary had a lamb, and its fleece was as white as
> snow." Not counting the quotes it is 52 characters and has both upper
> and lower case characters, spaces and two specials or a total of 55 key
> space. How big would the rainbow table be to contain that? How long
> would it take to compute with 1,000 3 GHz CPUs?

You have given english sentence of 12 words as passphrase. If we count
about 2.5bits of information per word and hash without adding salt, it
results in about 2^30 combinations. When we divide it over botnet of
1000 computers, each must try about 10^6 hashes. I guess you can
calculate the rest of the anwers.

Martin Tomasek

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